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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tadbir Group

Tadbir Group

Greetings to you, I am Parsa NedaeeNia, Managing Director of Tadbir Group

By © Parsa Nedaeenia - CEO, Tadbir Group,Investment Consultants Group GoldenHorse Magazine Chairman & Int,l Photojournalist & analyst.

Good day to you,

Greetings to you, I am Parsa NedaeeNia, Managing Director of Tadbir Group, am pleased to be familiar with you. At present, our team acts at the international level under the name “Tadbir Investment Consultant's Group”, with the aim of providing a development plan for investment in sustainable employment to facilitate, accelerate and increase the efficiency of productive entrepreneurship. I am also involved in sports events as an international professional photographer and reporter on a day-to-day basis.

Our career has let us interact with many individuals and groups at the international level and have an outlook of creating new jobs to increase the efficiency of investment attraction.

Fields of activity of Tadbir Group:
1.  Financing through attracting investors, trade partners or obtaining facilities;

2. Compiling justification plans, estimating the investment costs of the projects, allocating resources and managing the implementation 

3. Detecting the barriers, planning for technology and human resource productivity in order to improve production.

4. Obtaining bank guarantees, company registry rights, patent, etc.

5. Functional consultancy to start creative plans, develop projects, and commercialize products.

6. Strategic consultancy for selecting the product type by maintaining the investor's profile and economic justification of the plan.

7. Buying and selling exceptional and magnificent real estate, high towers, economical villas, large land, factories, etc. Mines also offer very good service to the clients and can serve as your trustee in buying and selling assets.

Goals and missions:
A.  Introducing the intellectuals and the companies that accept investment.
B.  Introducing keen investors with whatever size of budget and facilities.
C.  Easy access for introducing projects and plans apt for investment.
D.  Creating an effective bridge between investors and investees.
E.  Assisting investors in selecting appropriate and beneficial projects. 
F.  Assisting investors in finding proper investors and facilitating the launch of projects
G. Trying to attract foreign investors interested in investing.

With its invaluable experience and special recognition of the international community, Tadbir Group has provided investors with a safe and appropriate place for investment so as to make available to them the highest possible efficiency through providing project management services, as an expert and experienced consultant in fundraising for projects in order to advance the goals of investors and intellectuals.

Taking into account the capabilities of your team, Tadbir group will accompany your team as a professional representative by relying on its knowledge, and we will be more hopeful to provide a constructive base for the promotion of undergraduate studies with the aim of implementing sustainable services.

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