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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Sale of land in the Chenaran Industrial Park

Sale of land in the Chenaran Industrial Park

Factory location: Khorasan Razavi Province - Mashhad - Chenaran Industrial Town - Phase 2, Metal Industries Zone.

​By © Parsa Nedaeenia - CEO, Tadbir Group,Investment Consultants Group./ GoldenHorse Magazine Chairman & Int,l Photojournalist & analyst

Factory location: Khorasan Razavi Province - Mashhad - Chenaran Industrial Town - Phase 2, Metal Industries Zone.
Document Status: Free
Property Use: Metal Industry Zone.
Land area: About 8500 square meters with excellent hair in the Chenaran Industrial Park.
Foundation area: Approximately 2904 square meters
Land price (terms of payment): One billion and three hundred and fifty million USD (agreement).

With all the facilities and equipment ready for delivery.
All fees and expenses of refined and paid property are complete and complete.
The property is secure and secure.
The property is located in the Metal Industries Zone, and is licensed by the Environment Organization and the SMT Organization.
The industrial city of Chenaran, 45 km from Mashhad road, Quchan, with a total area of ​​about 1100 hectares in two operational phases with an area of ​​605 hectares, is considered one of the largest industrial estates in the east of the country. The operation of the industrial city of Chenaran has been in operation since 2001, currently 450 units in the city were contracted. The total number of 170 active units and over 50 units is under construction. At present, there are 6,000 jobs created in this town, and for all non-textile metallic chemical metallurgical chemicals, it is possible to establish production units in this town. The infrastructure facilities in this town consist of four wells of two sites, five thousand square meters and two thousand square meters of power supply with a capacity of 132 megawatts of the telecommunication fiber optic pump station and telecommunications centers of the entire city gas distribution network, equipping and constructing six stations, TBS, a sewage collection network of length 700 km of dedicated wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1050 cubic meters per day. First and second phase lighting of irrigation water treatment plant and 10 hectares of green space with planting 20 thousand seedlings 145 thousand square meters of asphalt 12 kilometers. Providing 2 access roads. Providing infrastructure services for the service phase including sales Workshop repair of motor Restaurant Insurance Agency is pressing for Super deli.   

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