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Monday, May 23, 2022

Real Estate Request Form

Real Estate Request Form

Your price will be accepted if you are reasonable and reasonable

Our team in the field of buying and selling exceptional real estate and clandestine, high towers, villas, large villages, factories, and mines also provide excellent services to the client and can be your advisor and trust in buying and selling assets And real estate

Dear Friend,
Regards, "Following the negotiations with Your Excellency regarding the application form for the sale of real estate, while requesting cooperation, the project information will be attached to this application. good luck. 

Factory location and facilities:
Document Status:
Property User:
Size of land:
Sub-basement area (total):
Construction term: ... Year of construction
Type of Activity:
Score: Water: Electricity: Gas: Telephone: ... Line
Suggested price: ............ Rial / Dollar / Dirham

more details: ...
Dear user to send request and information, Please log in to the "Contact Us" link, and contact us through this.

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