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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The primary creative modern projects for investment

The primary creative modern projects for investment

Investment Consultants Group Tadbir in trade and sports tact and pave the way for you

By © Parsa Nedaeenia - CEO, Tadbir Co. Investment Consultants Group & GoldenHorse Magazine Chairman & Int,l Photojournalist

Tadbir Investment Consultant's Group is engaged in the development of investment to generate sustainable employment as well as encouraging to invest in order to facilitate, accelerate and increase the efficiency of productive enterpreneurship. 

As the economic culture of the national and international community has been changing, our experienced team provides services from the start to the final results of the project in terms of project management and absorbing existing financial resources all over Iran to the project, specifically knowledge based projects (including starting up and developing the projects).
Based on a belief that trustworthy ideas would fulfil investors and innovators’ goals, we define our available services:

Field of Tadbir Investment Consultant’s Group Activity:

1. Supplying project finance via attracting investors or cooperation (domestic - foreign).

2. Project management and follow up of the available facilities in governmental subsidy resources.

3. Practical consultant regarding to choosing a project plan and product, following the investors’ previous structures.

4. Estimating the cost of project investment, execution management and devoted resources.

5. Organising specialised seminars and conferences.

Project Support Services:

1. Offering justified projects (technical, financial, economic, social and environmental), Comfar.

2. Consultation in terms of companies’ registrations (establishment, changes, financial increase, etc.), trademarks, inventions and business cards and etc.

3. Auditing and arranging reports and financial statements.

4. Expertising and consulting in the sense of sale and purchase of properties (including lands, factories and mines).

5. Introducing and selecting appropriate location from industrial parks, natural resources, industrial areas, free zones, etc.

Goals and Missions:

1. Presenting projects and investment companies.

2. Introducing enthusiastic investors according to the required amount of funds and facilities.

3. Easy access to projects and potential investment projects all over Iran.

4. Bridging an effective connection between investors and investees.

5. Assisting investors in terms of selecting proper and beneficial projects.

6. Assisting investees in terms of finding suitable investors and facilitating project launch.

7. Attempting to absorb foreign investors interested in investing in Iran.

Hope to provide services in line with the promotion of investment in Iran and accordingly step forward in the path of consolidating our national sovereignty, development, prosperity and economy of our country.

" Tadbir Investment Consultant's Group ", has established an industrial sector economy by creating an effective and reliable bridge between investors and owners of pure thinking.

7 مهر 1395
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