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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Factory sale, Metal industry zone, Chemical with exceptional conditions

Factory sale, Metal industry zone, Chemical with exceptional conditions

Located in the industrial city of Nasirabad, the best industrial spot in Tehran province

Land area of ​​5120 square meters with excellent position, area under the building is 4300 square meters, nave about 3000 square meters, height of 9 meters, office, 1300 square meters

Factory location: Road to Saveh, Rabat Karim, Nasir Abad Industrial Park, Metal Industry Phase with Capability to Implement Chemical Industry Plan (Permitted by Tehran Environmental Organization)

The license applies to the administration, the organization of industry, mining and trade

Document Status: Free

Property use: Metal Industry Zone - Chemical Industry (licensed by Tehran Environmental Organization)

Land area: About 5120 square meters with a high profile in Nasirabad Industrial Park.

Subterranean area (total): 4300 square meters (end of building)

Nile area: about 3000 square meters (9 meters high)

Office area: about 1300 square meters


Power: 150A

Gas: Industrial - G60

Water: Industrial Town

Landline has 2 fixed lines, and has the ability to increase telecommunication facilities.

Activity Type: Formerly in the field of sheet and sheet production of polystyrene foam (chemical), it is currently inactive at the factory.

Construction term: 13 years of construction

Price: 80 Billion Rials.


With all the facilities and equipment ready for delivery.
All fees and expenses of refined and paid property are complete and complete.
One-level property with high security and closed-circuit camera.
The property is located in the metal industry zone, and has a license from the environmental organization and the organization of SMT to produce a chemical zone.
Access to this town is very easy and the only industrial city approved in the urban context is close to Tehran.
Niches, sanitary, office and warehouse, management, guard and labor
Given the roots of the expectation, it is possible to increase the building.
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